Business Model Assessment

We shall understand and meet the various stakeholders in organisation regarding Business Model, product, organisation & team competency, customer and current process & reports.

The focus is to understand the Business Model by assessing the current situation, mapping to the aspiration.

Build a SWTO analysis and Business Model canvassing for Aspiration and GAP awareness


Structuring & Functioning

At this stage, we shall consolidate all inputs to build the Business Plan. Evaluate the value chain in terms of target customer segments, distribution channel, and product effectiveness.

Designing of KRA &KPI and structuring data driven functioning for rationale decision making.

The feasibility and cost competitiveness based on organisational competency, which focuses on viable results.


Syndicate Appropriate Funds

Based on the SWOT analysis and Business Plan’s periodic fund requirements, the treasury structure will be designed for optimum fund availability, and effective cost.

Creating options – by mapping of requirement to the sources of funds with stakeholder’s comfort.

Negotiation with financial institution – funding, terms and convents for closer of deals.


Effective Review Process

Performance review critically driven to understand what working and what’s not; setup  benchmarking based review process for impactful actions thereof.

Aligning the organisation actions and constantly focusing on performance improvement by required disruption and effective innovation.

In the New Normal, constantly focusing on opportunity discovery process for creating vibrant, equitable and sustainable business.